Saturday, 30 April 2011

Welcome to Dollirium Art Doll Emporium

Hello, my name is Jacqui Gallant and I opened Dollirium because of a deep rooted passion body piercing and art dolls!
I had my Grand opening on Mar 20th 2011 ( the first day of spring ) for a new begining:)
The grand opening show consisted of 10 international art doll artist.
Christy Kane, LaTeeFah Wright, Sheri Debow, Christine Benjamin, Esther Verschoor, Tom Taggart, Kamila Mylnarczyk, Sarah Legault, Debbie Mellor and myself.
The opening was a huge success with approximetly 200 guest through the doors of Dollirium over a 4 hour period!!!!
My Mission here at Dollirum is to showcase Art Doll artist and show the world these amazing works of art that are like no other!!

Artist in attendence from left to right 
Sheri DeBow, Sarah Legault, Jacqui Gallant,Debbie Mellow and Kamila mylnarczyk

The painting on the main wall in the Gallery was done by Sheri DeBow who flew to Canada from California to gift the gallery this amazing painting and help me open Dollirium not to mention all her crazy beautiful dolls that grace the wall for the grand opening show!!  Thanks so much Sheri, I love you:)  

 Kamila Mylnarczyk with her "Da Vinci's Apprentice"
 Sarah Legault with "Lovers"
 Debbie Mellor with "Tired Fred"

Jacqui Gallant with "Agnus"

Esther Verschoor's "Tell me why"
Esther Verschoor "The Bone Collector"

Esther Verschoor "High upon a pedestal"

 Sarah Legault "The Lovers"

Sarah Legault "Miss Carol" and "Mr. Teeth" 
Sarah Legault "Victoria"
Sarah Legault "Penny Lane" SOLD
Sheri DeBow "Lost and Found"
Sheri DeBow "Pirate Lil' Lost at Sea" SOLD
Sheri DeBow "I Will Wait For You FOrever" SOLD
Sheri DeBow "Hanging On Till the Bitter End"

Sheri Debow "Hanging on till the bitter end"

Sheri DeBow "Gabriella"

Sheri DeBow "Natasha"

Sheri DeBow "Pink Decadence"

Sheri DeBow "Sinking Sand"

Sheri DeBow " Benjamin"

Sheri DeBow "Thomas and Stella"

Sheri DeBow " Sasha"

Sheri DeBow did this amazing painting on the main gallery wall as a gift to me and Dollirium Art Doll Emporium:) Thank you so much Sheri for you gift and your friendship, they are both very special to me!!!

Sheri DeBow "Othello's gift"

 Kamila Mylnarczyk " Dead Head: King Of France" SOLD

Kamila Mylnarczyk "Evangeline Sleeps"

Kamila Mylnarczyk  "Dead Head: A one-eyed Lady"

Kamila Mylnarczyk "Da Vinci's Apprentice"

Christy Kane "St Agnes"

LaTeeFah Wright " Dysphemia" SOLD

Christine Benjamin "Alice"
Debbie Mellor "Good thing I Brought me umbrella"

Debbie Mellor "Good Thing I Brought Me Umbrella"

Debbie Mellor "Tired Fred"

Tom Taggart "Devil"

Tom Taggart " Alien WOnder Woman"

Tom Taggart " Swamp WOnder WOman"

Tom Taggart "Fish"

Tom Taggart "Pumpkin" SOLD

Tom Taggart " Alien"

Tom Taggart "Frankenstine" SOLD

Jacqui Gallant "Agnus"

Jacqui Gallant "Pink" SOLD

Jacqui Gallant "I Hate You, Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dum"

Jacqui Gallant "Gone Mad"

Jacqui Gallant "Damn White Rabbit"

Jacqui Gallant " Barracuda"

Jacqui Gallant " Silently Sad Beth"

Jacqui Gallant " John Jon" SOLD

Some of these wonderful Art Dolls are still available and this show will be hanging until May 8th so if there is a Doll here who is calling your name please contact me at Dollirium. 519-675-0111.
The next show will begin Sunday May the 15th and finsh on July 3rd
The Opening receprion begins on May 15th at 4 pm and finishes at 8 pm.

The artist line up is:

Nicole Johnson of Mealy Monster Land- Buffalo NY
Colleen Downs aka Loopy Boopy - New Orleans
Dani Nelson aka Carni Val - New York
Kamila Mlynarczyk aka woodedwoods - Kitchener Canada
Sarah Legault aka The Bird Behind The Mask- London Canada
Jacqui Gallant aka Odddollz- London Canada

If you are in the area, come out to the opening party!!!!

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  1. Hi Jacqui,
    The show is so wonderful...I love the wall that Sheri painted for you. It was a great way to display the dolls. I found your blog through a different doll makers blog..but I know of you through Sheri...Your dolls are really fun to visit you here!